When do I get paid? How often do I get paid?
Payouts are made bi-weekly, 2 weeks after the end of each respective 2 week pay period. For example: Sales generated for the Jan 1st-15th period will be paid out on February 1st (or next business day). Sales generated Jan 16th-31st will be paid on the 16th of February.

What payment options are currently available?
You can choose between being paid by either check via mail, check via fedex, wire transfer or Epassporte.

What fees are associated with the different payment options?
Wire Fee is $30.
Check Fee is $3.50 (Sent via regular mail) and $43.50 if sent via express mail.
Epassporte Fee is $5

May I use CCBill to track my sales and process my payments?
YES! After you sign up for our program you need to choose CCBill-Paid program when grabbing your promo!

Can I make my own banners/text links/ads?
You can make your own promotional materials as long as they are not misleading and reflect the actual content that is on our sites. If you are in doubt, contact us to get the promo materials approved.